Yes,,,, It’s Really Me!

Yes… It’s really me… Judy Bird… writing blogs and hoping people enjoy what I write. It’s amazing how your life can take a turn from being a biology major in university to getting a masters degree and becoming a social worker, to then enjoying the roles of wife and mother and eventually joining your husband’s tech team for various cool/amazing websites and promoting on various social media channels. Who knew that eventually I would become somewhat of a computer wiz sitting in front of two computer screens with no less than 10 windows open at any one time!

Many of my friends have no knowledge of how to navigate through twitter or Facebook sites much less have an interest in them.  I have to admit that I was pretty green about social media sites prior to my husband approaching me to assist with social media for our companies.  After experiencing some health issues, it was time to get active in the work world again and become knowledgable with new online technologies.

From working Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, Pinterest boards, newsletters and now blogging I have come to learn there have been major changes in the last 10 years of running a business.  The use of social media is a great way of letting people know about what you have to offer as well as sharing information in the related fields that potential customers will find helpful.Please check out our companies and click on our social media links to see and learn more.

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Having lived a while and enjoying life, people and opportunities I look forward to sharing my thoughts, experiences and talents.